Hanny and I just got back from the 2016 Superhero Brainpower conference, held at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles. We both thought it was one of the best events we have ever attended.  We have gone to many workshops and conferences.  So for me to say that, shows how impressed we were!

The theme Superhero You is used because 1) Jim Kwik, the organizer, has always loved Superhero’s because of what they stand for and 2) Jim believes there is a Superhero inside of all of us.  After leaving this event I’ve decided that my Superhero powers are curating, organizing and creating.

To start with we only had one ticket that came with some Kwik training we had purchased at a Brendon Burchard event.  Because of this, I planned on just hanging out in the hotel room and kicking back.  I would watch the conference when the recordings became available.

A few days prior to leaving for LA, we received an email from Superhero You letting us know they were going to do live streaming of the event for free!  Cool, right?  At first, I was not sure if I should be annoyed since the tickets were so expensive.  But then on the other hand, I was also grateful that I would be able to share the experience with Hanny while it was happening, instead of waiting for the recordings.  After about 2 hours, I became VERY grateful that they offered this option!

Jim Kwik and Superhero You, did such a wonderful job in creating this high energy event that you could only truly appreciate if you are there in person!  But live streaming was the next best thing.

There were 36 speakers that each gave 20-minute talks. The format felt like TED Talks.  Fast, informative and little to no selling.

The talks ranged from:

  • brain health
  • nutrition
  • medical science
  • speed learning
  • productivity
  • creativity
  • motivation & inspiration

They were all enjoyable and many were very useful and impactful.  Superhero You made every moment count! The event was managed in an extremely professional, effective, and kind manner by Jim Kwik’s staff.  And they did a great job at negotiating room and parking rates, making it affordable enough to stay at the same hotel the event was being held at.

The only negative comment I have is around the temperature.  It was bloody freezing!  I’m used to event rooms being cold because it keeps every from napping and drooling, but it was so bad even one of the speakers asked for a jacket.  No one had one so they brought him a robe.  J  Now I’m not sure if that was under their control since even the hotel lobby and area that I was hanging out in was freezing. (Tip:  Always bring a sweater or jacket to events to be on the safe side.  For this event a jacket and blanket was required! )

Here are a few of my top favorites in no particular order.  I say few because many of them became my ‘favorite’ but for different reasons.

1. Jim Kwik – Speed reading and memory guy

He belongs be at the top since he pulled this all together!  He is an inspiration!  He went from a shy, brain damaged kid, who had a really tough time learning, to teaching thousands of people how to learn faster and better! He is a wonderful example of someone figuring out a different way to do things and be a success, in spite of problems.

  1. Julia Roy – Productivity Hacks

She taught us to designate different devices for different tasks. I.E.  Use a laptop without anything but Office loaded when you want to create/write.  This keeps away distractions.  Listen to certain types of music for different tasks. Look for instrumental so you don’t get caught up in the words.  Use faster music to do tasks like emails to keep you moving.  By using certain devices and music you start to train your brain to know that when I pick up this device and put on this music then it is time to do XYZ.

  1. Juliet Funt – Whitespace

The art of the pause and whitespace – Juliet taught us that productivity and creativity comes when we pause and gift ourselves with whitespace.  There are four thieves that steal our productivity/creativity.

  • Perfectionism (When is good enough, good enough?)
  • Activity (Is there anything I can let go of and not do?)
  • Information (What do I truly need to know?)
  • Drive (What deserves my attention?)
  1. Dave Asprey – Biohacks

You are not learning if you are not failing.  Failure leads to new learnings.  Failure will not kill you.  To combat that fear use gratitude.

  1. Cal Fussman – How Interview Anyone

Aim for the heart when communicating with people.  Ask the heartfelt questions.  I.E: Why is your best friend, your best friend?

  1. Jack Canfield – Focused Mindset

I love Jack Canfield. My big YAY! was getting to say to hello to him. He knows how to teach and inspire people to succeed.  I have too much to say about Jack.  (Since he said hello back, we are now on first name basis!  LOL! )

  1. Montel Williams – There is hope for people with MS and brain trauma

Several years ago he could only walk 40 steps.  He kept searching for alternative options.   And he believes he has found one.  He was walking ALL OVER the place, so it must be working!  He is backing it  and hopes it will help people with not only for MS but also other brain trauma.  He is very passionate about helping our vets.  He served in the Marine Corps and the Navy .  His was another story of never giving up and giving back.

  1. Sean Stephenson – The Power of Imagination

This 3 foot dude in a wheelchair is a giant in life!  His talk was about imagination and how powerful it can be.  He pointed out that imagination is neutral.  It can be used to create amazing wonderful things and evil. Think Hitler.  He used his imagination to create mass destruction.  Can you imagine how wonderful our world would be if we all used our imagination to create good at the level that Hitler used his to create evil?

  1. Sekou Andrews – The Power of Poetic Voice

Brilliant!  He is a poetic, motivational performer. I loved listening not only to what he said but how he said it.  The cadence and flow of his words had such meaning.   And he had really nice energy.  We were fortunate to visit with him for about 5 minutes while waiting for our cars.  We will definitely go see him when he next performs in our area.  Check him out on YouTube.

  1. Clay Herbert – Great Introductions

He taught us a great way to introduce ourselves that allows us to share what we contribute to the world.  Think super simple, elevator speech, but delivered in under 10 words! The goal is to pique someone’s interest so that they ask you to explain more.  Here is one that we are thinking about using: We help people expand their worlds and be more successful.

I can’t say enough kind words about Superhero You! It was an awesome event and well-worth the money if you have it.  Next year they are going to expand the conference from two days to three making it even more awesome!  Maybe we will see you there!  J