Did you know that you can heal current issues by going back to the past life that is most affecting you now? Dick Sutphen is a master at teaching this process.

His Story:

Dick Sutphen has been teaching, writing and practicing hypnosis, past life regressions and metaphysics forever. And by forever I mean the 1970s. He started out when the term “new age” was still new. I’m not saying this to imply he is old. The purpose is to point out that he is part of our current, living history. He’s helped create what our recent generations have been studying, learning and teaching.

He has trained almost 200k people in hypnotherapy and past life regression. Also, he has done so many group past life regressions that there is no way to have a nose count. He has had an impact on the lives of countless people.

Dick got started by combining his day job with his hobby. By day he worked in the advertising business where he learned to do copywriting. In his free time, he found himself writing about his hobbies: Metaphysics and hypnosis. The stuff he was writing about started gaining more and more interest. Eventually, he decided to become formally trained in hypnosis. Then he practiced on his friends and anyone else he could find.

Dick’s purpose has always been to help people go back to the point where their issue began and find healing. Over time he found people were recounting events that occurred in past lives. Not current lives.

Dick shares a lot of client stories in his talks and books to help us understand the process and proof. One story is about a young woman who started speaking in a foreign language while regressed.

Dick took the recording to the head of Arizona State University Language department who identified it as old Dutch.

Dick believes getting into a hypnotic state can be effortless. I agree with him since I have experienced this when driving and shopping.

There have been times where I would get in the car to go to place A and end up “waking up” in random places. My subconscious was kicking in and doing the driving, so I was always safe. But still very disconcerting.

Or I would “wake up” and realize that I had just spent 10 minutes vacantly staring at a row of can goods in the grocery store. I was always surprised no one had asked me if I was ok.

Dick has experienced this when jogging, listening to music and writing. He has found that T.V. sucks us all in, but with very young kids they can be entranced within a few minutes. Video gamers will tell you they have the same experience.

Our Story:

In 2015 we attended the Afterlife Research and Education Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ. One of the speakers I had chosen to check out was Dick Sutphen. Hanny had heard of him and even had a few CDs of his. But this was the first time I had heard about him.

During the talk, Dick spent a few minutes talking about his take on past life regression. And while it was interesting the best part came afterward when Dick regressed us. This was a major experiential experience for me.

First I have to share a bit of a backstory before moving forward. The chairs at the conference sucked. Sucked! Yeah, I get that most chairs at conferences are not comfortable. But these were the worst! It is my firm belief that horrid chairs and freezing rooms are part of some evil design. A wretched means to keep you awake. I admit this is one of the few conspiracy theories that I buy into.

So why is it important that I take up your time venting about the chairs? Well, they were so bad (this is not an intro into a joke) that the backs kept leaning way back. One kept feeling like you were going to tip over and land in the lap of the person behind you. They were so bad that this would have caused a domino effect and everyone would have toppled over. No joke. And people kept playing musical chairs to find one that felt semi-comfortable and stable.

Dick’s lecture was the very last one for us that day. So we had just spent 8 hours in these evil chairs, and my back was on fire. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through another speaker. Let alone deal with the pain while trying to do a past life regression. I just KNEW it would not happen because I was in too much pain. I was so frustrated because I was looking forward to this opportunity.

But even KNOWING I was going to have to sneak out within the first five minutes, I was determined to try. I closed my eyes, and while cursing the evil chairs, I listened to Dick’s voice. I listened as he gently begins regressing us to the past life that was affecting us most in our current life. And guess what?! Imagine my surprise when I realized Dick was bringing us out of the hypnotic state.

I immediately became aware of several things:

I had been hypnotized, in spite of my pain and certainty that it would not happen.

  1. I was no longer in any pain at all! In fact, I didn’t feel pain for two weeks. And I’m always in some level of pain, so this was incredible. Not only that, I felt like a happy little drunk for about two hours. I felt like skipping and couldn’t stop giggling.
  2. I remembered the whole experience so clearly. And it was so relatable to my current life.

I had participated in past life regressions, before but this one was different. I liked the practicality of going to the past life that was currently affecting me the most. I’m sure other teachers use this version of regression also, but it was the first time for me.

I won’t bore you with the details. But the outcome was an understanding to some of my medical issues, and I found some compassion for an ex.

What I also enjoy about Dick is that he thinks way outside of the box. One example is a woman wanted help deciding if she should stay with her husband or leave him for her boyfriend. So, Dick, had her go forward to her next life and then do a past life regression back to the current life. She was able to see that she stayed with her husband and was happy. Did she go to a future life and look back? I don’t know. It can’t be proved one way or the other. But it helped her find an answer.

Who might be interested:

Anyone looking to learn about hypnosis, past lives regressions, and metaphysics. And who wish to experience learning with a teacher that has been around since the 70’s. Dick Sutphen has years of wisdom and teachings that he has discovered from his journey.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Dick believes in Soul Agreements. These are agreements we make to return with other souls to help each other learn certain lessons.
  2. He thinks most people alive today were alive during the Atlantis age.
  3. He thinks our memories get erased when we enter a new life because:
  • It would be impossible for us to deal with hundreds of past life while living a current life.
  • The ego could get in the way if you saw yourself wielding a lot of power in one past life but not in your current one
  • The logistical nightmares of dealing with friends, lovers or enemies from past times