Past life conundrums

Oh gosh – In my brain, this topic is a big cosmic knot. There are so many questions about past lives that have no scientific proof backed answers.

The simplest definition of what is a past life is:

You’re born, you live, love, experience regret, do your thing, and then die.  While in spirit form you do whatever one does when not in a human body.  At some point, you decide it is time to go back into a human body (reincarnate) and bam!  You get re-born.  Voila! Now some may say the past life was created when you died.  Others may say that in spirit form time is not the same so past, present, and future is all the same.  Does it really matter?

I think what is more interesting is what exactly does the journey from point A (living one life and dying) to point B (re-birth) look like and how does it all make sense? Therein lies some mighty big philosophical questions.

So what do I believe about past lives?

To start with I do believe in past lives. What it looks like I don’t know.  And I’m not sure if we are meant to understand it while in human form.

The reasons I believe in the concept of past lives are:

  • Past life studies that focused on children at the University of Virginia.
  • Many people have been able to verify data they found via past life regressions. (Would science consider this empirical evidence? No.  With that said, more and more scientists are studying this.  At some point, they will at least decide that it can’t be ruled out due to the preponderance of probability.)
  • My own experiences.

Here are some of the knotty questions I have bumping around in my brain about past lives:

  • Does the karma we haul from past lives affect current lives? From my experiences, the answer is yes.
  • Can we go back and re-do stuff from past lives that affect all our lifetimes? I don’t know.  I recently started playing with this concept after listening to a talk given by Denise Linn.
  • When we are living between human lives, do we have to deal with the anger, jealousy, fears, etc. from past lives? My best guess/answer is that we are aware of them, but we are not affected in the same way by such emotions in spirit form.  Although, we could be spending time in group therapy.  Or on Sigmund Freud’s couch in the clouds doing life reviews.  Who knows?
  • In a group past life regressions can multiple people share an experience? People have reported sharing the same past life experience but from different perspectives. I.E., One was committing the crime, and the other was the victim.
  • Can we help someone else heal in one of our past life experiences? I.E., You harm someone in the past and while in regression you make amends.  I love that idea!  If true, that would be a significant karma hack!  At the very least I think doing this process would help us forgive ourselves.  And if this is true wouldn’t that help us find healing in our current life?

So why bother thinking about past lives?  Does it matter what happened to me hundreds of years before I was born into this life?  YES, YES, YES! I believe so!

The above is easy for me to say because I’ve found peace and healing by doing past life regressions, so it is part of my reality.

Below are my current thoughts and conundrums around past lives and how they might work.  (I say current because we are always evolving.):

  • One big question for me is why do we keep coming back? Why, as spiritual beings do we want to climb back into a car (our body) with an angry, lost child (ego)?  In spirit form, we have a pretty good thing going on.
  • Some believe we are God wanting to have human experiences. If God is omnipotent and everything else, why does God need to have human experiences?  S/he already knows everything. So what is the point?  Is God bored?
  • Perhaps as individual souls, we want to learn and grow? To do so, we keep reincarnating.  And we take the ego along for the ride to help us forget our true nature so we can have new experiences and work on unresolved stuff.
  • Is there a point to doing this? Aren’t we all supposed to be one with God and have total access to everything God?  So why do we need to have “personal” experiences?  Who knows? Maybe this is on the job training for our souls.

UGH!  Sometimes I think that I need to give up figuring out the “whys and what” questions because none of the answers feel solid.  All the answers that others provide may have some truth. Again, who knows?

Here is how I currently think the concept of past lives works:

And I’m pretty confident what I think I know will end up being wrong because in human form most of us have a limited understanding of the big picture. At any rate, it makes my mind happy to have explanations, so here is my version:

As we die the crap, we haven’t dealt with gets packed up and hangs out with our ego.  At the end of each life, as we leave our bodies the ego parks itself somewhere.  While we are in spirit form, we are acutely aware of every one of our past and future lives.  And we know that when we are ready to move back into a physical form, so we can have new experiences, our ego will hitch a ride in our vehicle (body).  And it dumps the baggage into our new, cleaned out trunk; All the outdated and shattered bits of ourselves.

We can think of the ego as a carjacker or a lost child that we picked up alongside the road.  Making friends with your ego (lost child) is a faster route to letting go of the crap packed inside the trunk.

In one past life, I was able to see how my actions affected an ex and how that history moved into this lifetime. Understanding my role in the past helped me become more compassionate to my ex and even to others.

Understanding and compassion led to forgiveness.  Which let me unload some of the crap in my trunk.  And I think this is a big reason to reincarnate.

This experience also changed how I experience current “sucky” situations.  Because in every situation there is more than what meets the eye.

The point of clearing out the old crap from our past lives is so that each subsequent life becomes lighter.  (Which doesn’t always mean easier. DANG! )  And it also allows for more room in our current life to experience new stuff.  And humans like new stuff!

There are those who do not think past life experiences are real.  I’ve shared my personal past life experiences with a few of those folks.  If they are kind, they may consider my brain found a way to justify the behavior of the ex-husband when I share that story.  Or they may think I’m full of crap.  Does it matter?  Or is it more important to seek knowledge, compassion, forgiveness, and healing? Maybe even a pathway out of a very harmful situation? By whatever means possible including past life regressions.

If you would like to learn more about past lives:

Publications from the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine:

Dr. Brian Weiss: Yale School of Medicine and Columbia University graduate.  He became a serious student and teacher of past life regression while working with a patient.

Dick Sutphen: Is a well-known expert in hypnosis, hypnotherapy, past-life regression, spirit contact and psychic development.  He has been doing this work since the 1960s.

Denise Linn: Over three decades ago Denise was shot and left for dead.  Which at one point she was, but when the world decided it wasn’t done with her, she became a spiritual expert.  She has taught around the world on the topics of past life regressions, NDE, space cleaning and more.