How past life experiences can help you become a better version of yourself in your current life.
His Story:
Dr. Brian Weiss started off like any other Yale-trained psychiatrist. He had hopes and dreams that he would be able to help people. To be someone that made a difference.
Also, like most psychiatrists, he was skeptical about unexplained phenomena. I.E. Past lives, healings, and anything that could be considered psychic phenomena. These types of topics were not part of his reality based on what science had taught him.
In 1980 this all started to change when a woman in her 30’s came for help. She was suffering from panic attacks, unable to sleep and other issues. Dr. Weiss original treatment consisted of talk therapy only. She refused to take medication of a fear that they would make her choke.
After getting nowhere, he decided to try hypnosis. He had learned this technique while an intern. His hope was to be able to tap into childhood memories that he thought was the root of all her problems.
The first time Dr. Weiss used hypnosis on the woman she did go back to her childhood. And there was some pretty traumatic stuff that came up. But knowing them did not help her improve.
The next time they tried, she went waaay back. Thousands of years back! Neither of them believed in past lives. So they didn’t know what to think about this experience. Yet, here she was talking about all kinds of events. Including drowning where she felt like she was choking to death. Which caused her to fear swallowing pills.
Week after week these types of sessions kept happening. And week after week her symptoms started to disappear until they were all gone. By fixing the past she was able to gain back her current life.
She started sharing her story and sending him new clients who wanted to have the same experience.
So this was how the Universe turned a Yale-trained psychiatrist belief’s system upside down! Or more like right side up. And into a best-selling author and expert in past life regressions and reincarnation.
Our Story:
We’ve been lucky to attend several lectures by Dr. Brian Weiss. His talks are always fascinating because he pulls together science, data, and spirituality. He has tons of documented examples of reincarnation to back up what he teaches.
The first we ever heard about Dr. Brian Weiss was when my husband and I went to a Celebrate Your Life Conference. I love going to conferences because you never know what you may learn or experience. Dr. Weiss is a perfect example.
After sharing the above story, he gave a brief explanation of the process of doing a past life regression. And then, he instructed us to lay down on the floor because we were going to do a regression! YAY! The big moment we were all waiting for. (This wasn’t required. Some folks that have issues getting up or down stayed in their seats.)
Confession time:
At first, I thought YAY! But then I looked at the carpet and thought oh hell no! I’m a bit OCD, and that carpet had been walked on by hundreds of people! People wearing shoes. Shoes that had stepped in only God knows what! I spent a good minute on some major internal dialogue. In the end, I told myself to suck it up. What is the worse that could happen? Gum in my hair? So I just made sure there was no gum in my area.
At this point in my life, I had experienced hypnosis but never a past life regression. I was grateful I got over my floor issue, otherwise, I would have missed an incredible experience.
Ok… Back to the review. Dr. Weiss’s process was to walk us back to our childhood, then to our birth, and prenatal. At each step, he would have us pause and think about what was happening. What we were seeing, feeling, hearing, wearing, Etc. While in the womb, I remembered hearing conversations and the feelings of others.
Next, he had us picture a door that he had us go through. Once through the door, we walked into a bright light. Then as we went through the light, he asked us to pay attention to what was going on. Weirdest thing! I walked into another time, another life. I could see, smell and feel how different everything was.
And please know that none of this was scary. Dr. Weiss set this experiment up so well; we knew that no matter what we saw we didn’t need to be afraid. The whole process felt safe.
An important thing that I learned from Dr. Weiss is that we can use the past to heal our future. We don’t need to fear our past lives. Instead, we can use our past life experiences to become better versions of ourselves in this life.
When we came back to the present moment, he told us we had “been gone” for over 30 minutes. That amazed me because I thought it had only been for 5 – 10 minutes.
Start journaling stuff like this. It only takes a few minutes to create notes. I regret not making the time.
There was so much that I remembered at the time of the regression. The bummer was that I didn’t write it down and now I don’t remember the details. Just how it felt. Back then I wasn’t trying to document events and experiences.
Something to ponder:
“More learning can occur when there are many obstacles than when there are few or none. A life with difficult relationships, filled with obstacles and losses, presents the most opportunity for the soul’s growth. You may have chosen the more difficult life so that you could accelerate your physical progress.”
Who Might Be Interested:
  • You want to learn how to do past life regressions
  • You feel like there is something in your past that needs attention but you’ve never been able to figure it out.
  • You think that what is affecting you now may have started in a past life.

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