Caroline Myss on “oh I’m too fragile to hear all of this!”

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A few weeks ago I was listening to Caroline Myss on the Shift Networks Finding Common Ground summit. And as always I found her to be direct and unflinching when she speaks her truth.   She reminds us all that we have choices in how we are going to use our words.  And we have a [...]

Past life conundrums

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Past life conundrums Oh gosh - In my brain, this topic is a big cosmic knot. There are so many questions about past lives that have no scientific proof backed answers. The simplest definition of what is a past life is: You're born, you live, love, experience regret, do your thing, and then die.  While in [...]

Richard (Dick) Sutphen

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Did you know that you can heal current issues by going back to the past life that is most affecting you now? Dick Sutphen is a master at teaching this process. His Story: Dick Sutphen has been teaching, writing and practicing hypnosis, past life regressions and metaphysics forever. And by forever I mean the 1970s. He [...]

Superhero You! Conference Review

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Hanny and I just got back from the 2016 Superhero Brainpower conference, held at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles. We both thought it was one of the best events we have ever attended.  We have gone to many workshops and conferences.  So for me to say that, shows how impressed we were! The theme Superhero [...]

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