Free Archangel lessons

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When looking for free or inexpensive classes I came across an angel course by Elizabeth Clair Profit. I just started it and I find it has been a good reminder that we have angels surrounding us and ready to help. But... we have to ask.  Perhaps this course will bring inspiration and help to someone else. [...]

Angels – What are they, and what can they do for you?

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Angels reach into every part of the world. They are impartial to religion and beliefs. Even the belief that they do not exist. Angels just don’t care what you believe or think about them. Their job is to help you through this life. What are angels?   Supernatural beings Beings created by God to serve him [...]

Angels – This months topic

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Dear Footsteps of Wisdom readers, Every month we will pick a topic to dive into to find helpful information, learning opportunities, and generally fascinating stuff on a topic that we hope will help our readers.  This month we are starting with the subject of angels.    We will cover topics such as: What are angels? How [...]

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