A few weeks ago I was listening to Caroline Myss on the Shift Networks Finding Common Ground summit. And as always I found her to be direct and unflinching when she speaks her truth.  

She reminds us all that we have choices in how we are going to use our words.  And we have a choice to live in integrity. But she is also concerned that at this time not everyone has the vocabulary to express themselves at that level of being.  

She sees that everything is in a state of change.  From what is going on in our oceans, to our wildlife, to all the worlds financial systems. All of these things are shifting.  That we are evolving into a Galactic World and we are the people that are part of that. This may take years and years. But still, we are a part of it.  

So how can we help?  What can we do? Per Carline burying our heads and not paying attention is not an option.  We can’t say “oh I’m too fragile to hear all of this”. We all must play our role by being aware and living in integrity.  

Her final words were about what we can do.  And that is to live to be our “perfect selves”.  Ah…now we need to figure out what that looks like!  🙂

If you would like to check out online courses/class by Carolin Myss please click here.

(The Finding Common Ground summit is over for this year, but if you would like to signup for next year or purchase the recordings you can find more info here:  https://summerofpeacesummit.com/  )