Have you ever started writing and had the experience of all your words flowing freely?  Or go back and read what you wrote and say “Damn that is good! I don’t know where all that came from.”  Maybe you found yourself compelled to sit down and start writing?

Or perhaps you wrote something and it felt like you were not in control of your body and what you were doing.  Better yet, something invisible grabbed you and tossed you into a chair and started whispering in your ear and made you write down the words?  (The last one is meant to be funny.)

Ok, whatever.  Don’t laugh.

Back to the topic at hand which is what is Automatic Writing?  

Technically the term Automatic Writing has been written about for the past couple hundred years.  There is a lot of old history around it within the spiritualist movement. Automatic Writing in the real sense is when someone is taken over by an energy form, leaving the person unaware of what is happening and not in control.

There have been many instances where being a skeptic with this type of event would have been prudent.  Just because the funny dressed lady is telling you this handwritten message is from your loving Aunt Gertrude (who really wasn’t very loving) does not make it so. Like with everything else that you can’t see, hear or experience yourself you should be cautious.   

With the growth of modern day spirituality and the internet, many people are learning about Automatic Writing via books and videos. And while I believe that Automatic Writing can happen, I think what most of us are experiencing is  “Inspirational/Inspired Writing.”  But tomato, tomahto!  It is just a totally cool thing to do!  

The main difference here is that you are in control of what you are doing.  You can shut down the communication and walk away.  That doesn’t negate the importance of this form of writing.  Inspirational Writing gives you access to other levels of consciousness, sources, and entities for information and guidance.  

And this includes God by whatever name you use. Yes…God still talks to humans.  All humans. I’m always fascinated when people say that God stopped speaking to us after the New Testament or XYZ.  Did God get bored with us or busy on a new project? Seriously?

My many experiences with Inspired Writing have helped shape who I am.  It is a skill that everyone can easily learn. I’m grateful that I learned it because when I get out of my head and into a flow something beautiful and special happens.  Besides, it gives me a vacation from my thoughts! 🙂

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you call it…Inspired Writing, Channeled Writing, Automatic Writing.  It’s just a label.

Now here is my version of what Inspired Writing is:  It is a form of dictation that is coming from somewhere else besides my frontal lobe. It could be my higher consciousness, an energy being like a spirit guide, dearly dead, angels, etc…I don’t know how it happens.  

If you are in the spirituality camp you could say:

  1. Your spirit guides are directing you
  2. Your consciousness just hooked up with the OuterNet (God’s version of Google)

If you are in the science camp you could nicely say:

  1. You have tapped into your subconscious mind
  2. You are experiencing a stream of consciousness

Or if you are in the  “I don’t believe in any of this kind of stuff” camp you might say:  

  1. You’re full of crap (I love that technical word.)
  2. You’re a nut job if you believe this crap
  3. You’re a fraud, and you need to stop promoting this crap

Personally, I like to think I have tapped into the OuterNet because that just sounds so totally cool!  But who knows? There is no way to prove it. So that is my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Now for the how-to part!  (Remember this is just my version so you may have to try different things.)  I sit at the computer, sometimes eyes are open and other times not.  I spend a minute or two paying attention to my breathing to help me focus my mind. AKA getting my own thoughts to shut up! Then I either type out a question or just sit there in a meditative /prayerful state to see what comes to me. Usually, at some point, I feel drawn to start typing, and the words start flowing.  Sometimes I get nothing. And that is ok too. See? Easy, peasy! No pressure!

There are three caveats to this process:

  1. If you decide to write to your not so loving Aunt Gertrude to find out where she stashed her money it won’t work.  That doesn’t mean you can’t ask, because who knows? It may happen if you want to hear from someone else; just not Aunt Gertrude, because she wants that money to stay hidden under the rock, by the tree, next to the house with a crooked porch. (At least that is what she told me!  I can ask because she is not my Auntie and she doesn’t hate me. 🙂 )
  2. The second caveat is that sometimes it takes a while to get back in touch with the voices inside your head.  For too many years you have ignored them. Don’t give up! Keep trying. It is the well worth the effort. Trust me on on this one, the voices inside your head and heart are trying to get through to you as well.
  3. When you are Inspired to write it will have a different feeling or quality.  You will feel like your heart and head are connected to something else.

In my life, I have come across many books that were inspired.  Below I have listed three authors/books that stand out to me:

  1. A Course in Miracles (ACIM)
  2. Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch (technically it consists of 9 books.)
  3. Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer or any of his other books

The reason that ACIM stands out, in my opinion, is that without Inspired  Writing I don’t know how this book could have been written. For those who have studied ACIM, they will understand what I mean.  This is a unique book with exercises that are changing the world one day at a time.

In regards to “Conversations with God,” within minutes of picking up the first book, I felt as if someone had asked the same questions I  wanted to ask. And that the replies were ones that I resonated with. Ones that I had already considered myself.

Now with Wayne Dyer, he would always joke that “there was no way I could be writing this.” He would also say that the “words would just pour from his hands onto the paper.”

I hope this inspires you to give Inspired Writing a try!  If you would like to deep dive into this topic even more here are some online courses you may enjoy.