Today was not a YAY Day!  I just felt weird and off-kilter inside.  Nothing seemed to jell.  I couldn’t point to anything that was wrong.  But that didn’t change how I was feeling; out of step with the world and all over the place.

Regardless it was bloody annoying.  I had my list of stuff I wanted to get done, and most of it didn’t happen.  And there wasn’t a good reason that it didn’t happen. 

 I would have been more productive if I had stayed in bed.  At least I would have caught up on some sleep.  And maybe I would have woke up feeling more in tune with myself and life.  

I ended up using my meditation journal as a place to feel sorry for myself.  So when I got tired of doing that, I asked God “What the hell is going on inside of me?”

Here is the Sound Bite from God that I heard:

When you are feeling disjointed and all over the place that is because you are.  Inside you have become fragmented. 

Next time this happens, picture a bunch of yourselves all milling around aimlessly. Imagine what is going on inside of you.

 And then mental see each version of you flowing back together.  With each breath, you take in, see two of you reconnecting. Then see two more. Piece by piece.  Think Lego people blocks.  Hear the clicking sound.  And every time you breathe out, see the frustration being released.  

Maybe you won’t feel completely re-connected after doing this visualization, but that is ok.   Just keep doing this practice for as long as you feel this way.  

Now here is the secret sauce.  At the end of each round, say a prayer for someone else.  Since everyone is connected when you prayer for someone else, it is also a prayer for yourself.  

Continue visualizing and praying.  You will see that the fragmented pieces of yourself are sliding together easier and easier.  That is because prayer not only acts like glue but also like oil.

xoxo, ETC…God

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