The Sound Bites from God are little bites of wisdom that I am given when I’m writing in my meditation journal.  The original reason that I started this journal was so I could focus my mind.   Along the way, I discovered that the inner chattering would stop when using my motor skills to write.  This gave God a chance to get a word in edgewise.

Keeping a journal was a new experience for me, so I started off with the goal of doing it for 30 days.  But once I created this habit I didn’t want to stop!  I’m now drawn to do this every night.  And if I have a night that I even consider not writing my A type personality comes to the rescue.  I hear: “On no, you don’t!  You have to write!  If you don’t, you have to start counting the days all over from when you started! And we can’t have that! So get to it!”

I start each journal entry by writing “Hey God.”  I don’t know where the idea came from to start each entry that way, but I do know that it sets the stage.  It tells my mind that it is time to communicate with God.  And to be aware of what he has to share with me.  This has now become a sacred time for me to sit down and visit with my BFF, God.


I’ve had an on/off two-way relationship with God for many years, but I never made it a routine.  Everything sucked when I would have a bat guano because I would forget to talk to God.  Now that I’m doing it every night I’ve created a habit so it is easier to do.  I admit this can still be a struggle.  When my inner chatter is totally blowing up the processor that I call my brain, I can still block out any communication with God that I may have received.  On these nights I just write about all the crap that is going on.  By using the physical process of writing, I’m able to slow down the crazy thoughts.  I can then herd them into one area: The piece of paper that I’m writing on.  Sometimes after this is done, I’m quite enough to hear what God has to say. Other times it just calms me down enough that I’m able to let go of some of my crazy crap.

There have been many others before me that have shared this process of auto-dictation.  Anyone can do this.  Simply believe it can happen and then try it for yourself. A few well-known examples of auto-dictation are:

  •  “The Course in Miracles”
  • “Conversations with God.”

Now do I believe I’m talking with God?  Sure, why not.   I think God wants to speak to all of us.  And I know that some of the stuff I have heard and written down has more wisdom than I.  Could it come from my sub-conscious and not God?  Sure.  But I don’t care.  I know what I auto-dictate helps comfort and guide me.  And if I want to say the knowledge is coming from God, then for me it is coming from God.

Our hope is that these writings help at least one person.  If that happens, it makes all of this worthwhile.  xoxo