Earlier tonight when I was doing some writing I stopped after realizing I had not asked Spirit to join me.   When I thought about it, I heard the reminder to “always create a connection with the intention to co-create.”  

I feel silly to admit this, but I rarely remember to do that unless I’m co-creating Sound Bites.  Forgetting to create a link is nuts.  I know from experience that co-creating is infinitely easier than going it alone.  In all aspects of life, we are aware that it is better when we have help. So why is it so hard to ask?  And why don’t I take a few minutes to connect to the Universe for every task?  Who knows?  But I will leave that question for another night.  

These reflections had me thinking about the benefits of co-create with God.  So I asked God “How am I affected when I’m in the space of  co-creation?” 

And here is tonight’s Sound Bite from God:

Here are two reasons to co-create:

1.       When you co-create with me or others in the Universe, you will draw from a higher perspective. You get to see more of what is possible rather than what you think is possible.  

2.       During co-creation, you are experiencing time at a higher vibration. At the higher vibrations, you feel better and do better.  Eventually, you will be able to stay in this advanced level of vibration without help. 

Besides, who wouldn’t want to create with me?  I did create the Universe after all. 

Xoxo, ETC…God

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