Of late I started going to a particular coffee shop to work.  Having a change of scenery helps me to be more creative.  I love the atmosphere (quiet and calm) and the music of this coffee shop.  I’m able to alter my energy when I’m there.  Unfortunately, the coffee shop I like going to is not close, so it is inconvenient. 

With that in mind, I asked God: “Is there any place else that is closer that will offer the same energy?”

Here is the Sound Bite of Wisdom that I heard:

As you already know everything you do and say is energy.  Energy is meant to be utilized beyond speaking words, breathing, and action. Beyond basic science around energy. Because of this, you want to make sure you are making the most of everything you do and say.  I’m stating the above as a reminder.  

To answer your question, you can alter your energy without having to go anywhere else. 

Start a conscious practice of going outside every day and breathing in air.  Remember energy is in the air.  So breathe it in.  And while you’re inhaling, play with the energy. Have fun!  Picture energy dancing in the air just for you.  See it flowing into your nasal passages.  See if you can feel the energy between your hands.  If so, make energy balls. Picture the balls floating around.  After having fun playing with the energy in the air for a few minutes, add in a picture of something big.  Something that you want to have in your life.  See it in details.  See it surrounded by the dancing, living energy in the air you are breathing in.  

If nothing else, going outside and breathing helps you feel better.  So step away from the computer!  

xoxo, ETC… God

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