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As much as Hanny and I love attending live events, it is not always practical due to time, money, kids, elderly parents, eight cats.  ( Yes…that is our issue.  Eight cats. Foster failures.)

Because of the cats, more than any other reason, I’m really grateful to all of the marvelous teachers who have taken the time to create classes that we can access anytime, anywhere.  And who doesn’t love that!

In this section I have tried to search out classes from multiple resources on multiple topics.  Because I have posted them here, just like the live events, does not mean I’m recommending them.  I wish I had time to listen to all of them, but life, such as showers, sleeping and feeding husband and cats, interferes with that desire.

Some of the creators, just like the live events, pay an affiliate commission.  If you find an event here that you decide to purchase, I would greatly appreciate it, if you would return back to my site, just in case it is one that pays a commission.  This helps supports me and yes…the cats.  ( I forgot (on purpose cuz it makes me sound like a crazy cat lady) to mention earlier the 12 feral cats that we had fixed, that we also feed, so we buy a lot of cat food!  )

Start finding classes here   🙂