In August, Hanny (my hubby) and I went to see Kyle Cease, Evolving Out Loud Conference, in Los Angeles.  I had been looking forward to this conference for a long time.  I became aware of Kyle over a year ago when I came across some of his videos.  His videos were almost always insightful and funny.  I loved how he was bringing laughter to personal growth.  I think God decided that everyone on this path needed to lighten up and laugh so he sent us a comedian to be a new teacher!  Also, I think God is using Kyle because God has a sense of humor and finds Kyle entertaining. That is why I had added him to my “must see” list.

To set the stage, Kyle’s two-day conference was held at the Alex Theater that seats 1400 people.  It was a sold out conference, so it was a full house!  In the evening of the first day, I wrote this in my Mediation Journal:

Today was very full. It was full of info, noise, people, emotions, tears, laughter. And more importantly, looking deeply at our tears and laughter.

It was full of possibilities, potential, releasing, accepting and letting go.  Full of kindness, compassion and love for everyone in attendance. And full of the unexpected.  It was overwhelmingly full.niagara-218591_640-1

It made me wonder what is possible when one is so full.  Full of courage, curiosity, full of taking no B.S. from oneself or others, but not in a mean way and full of freedom.

So in my journal after writing all the above I heard this Sound Bite from God:

Remember this feeling.  This feeling is what it feels like to be full of God energy.  Full of the power of creation and possibility.  Full of being open.  So, how “Wonder-full’ is that?

xoxo, Etc…God

P.S.  I felt like God was also saying: Now get off your arse and do something!  My words, not Gods.  🙂

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