In our world, there is a lot of good happening.  Of course, this never makes the news because it doesn’t sell. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.  And as we focus on the positive things that are happening more of the same will be created.  With that said as humans, we have not reached the point where we can live without conflict.  But that is ok.  Conflict can be used for good if we can refrain our intentions around it.  Conflict does not have to be a four-letter word.

One day in my meditation journal I couldn’t think of anything to ask so I asked “What should I know/learn today?  This is the Sound Bite from God that I heard:

Everyone feels terribly “imperfect” in their own inner- worlds.  So when there is conflict, and the common ground seems elusive, look for it in your personal inner- world of beautiful imperfection. 


If you are willing to share one of your perceived imperfections, you create the space for others to find common ground with you.  The other person may feel the same imperfection.  Or they may share one of theirs.  Regardless, when you stop the ego based posturing and are willing to be courageous enough to share “imperfections,” you will establish common ground upon which you can build.  And with that common ground, a resolution for the conflict can be found.  

xoxo, etc… God

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