Over the years I have noticed that I have a habit of repeating myself. If I had to make up a reason to why I have this annoying habit I would guess that it stems from me trying to make sure I was:

  1. Being heard
  2. Being understood

In my mind, I can hear myself saying stuff over and over.  And all along I’m thinking OMG!  What is it going to be like when I’m old and senile if I repeat myself now?

I could spend time analyzing how this all started, but I don’t want to torture anyone.  Here is the short story: I think I’m afraid of not important enough to be listened to.

Add that to the fear that someone was listening to me, but not understanding what I was saying.  Oh, crap!  There might be a misunderstanding.  And another OMG! Since I need to do everything perfectly, I can’t have anyone not understanding me.

Sigh.  I make myself tired just by thinking and writing about this.

I also imagined God would be grateful if I stopped repeating myself.  So I decided to ask: “What the heck is up with this?”

The Sound Bite from God was really short and pithy:

How far would you go if you didn’t care if you were heard or not?

Would the world end if someone didn’t hear you or hear you correctly?

How far would you go if you took NOTHING personal?

How far would you go if you didn’t serve the false ego god of fear?

Xoxo, Etc… God


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