Tonight during meditation A question that I wanted to ask God crossed my mind.  I thought “Oh!  I have my question ready for God!  Go Me!

The problem with Go Me! was that when I came here to journal I couldn’t remember the blasted question.

So instead I ended up asking “So is there something that you could please share with me?”  It ended up being on a topic way more important than anything I could have asked.

Here is the Sound Bite from God that I heard:

The term ‘God’ is so  all encompassing.  And yet it is used so often that it no longer has much meaning when said.

Do you feel a sense of awe when you say ‘God’?  Do you feel a sense of expansion?  Does it bring a smile to your face?  A feeling of lightness and happiness to your soul when you hear the word ‘God’?  A sense of oneness and completeness?

If not then you are just tossing my name around in vain.  When you say  “God damn it” there is at least some passion.  Some energy.  Try saying ‘God’ with warmth and a sincere smile on your face.  When you do that can you feel anything else but peace?

Xoxo, ETC… God ( Remember to smile!  You are on God’s candid camera!)


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