Sometimes blessings happen in a quiet, calm moment of realization. At times they sneak in via a heartbreak. And on other occasions, they just crash into you. For Hilal, it was literally, the former.

The day started off quite well and was full of promise. Hilal was excited over the prospect of purchasing a small but beautiful coffee shop. Her first step towards independence.

This opportunity had become a dream of hers because she had always worked for someone else. Hilal wanted to buy this coffee shop so she could be her “own boss.” Her idea was that eventually, she would be able to run it part time.

Not working full time would allow her the freedom to do the important things she wanted to do in life. Hilal told me she wanted to:

  • Become fully focused
  • Self-healed
  • Finish my training to be a soul teacher and healer.

She wanted to do the things that “life kept pulling” her to do. The things she just never “had the opportunity, time and space to be able to do.”

Daily activities started feeling like “burdens. Like there was something else I wanted to do, but I could not come out of that stream that I was in because life goes on. I have to work and do this and that, so there was only a little time”.

Within a matter of a few hours on that fated November 2014 day, her excitement was slammed out of her. While Hilal was on her way to sign some papers regarding the coffee shop, she was struck by another car.

An MRI showed that the accident caused severe injuries to her L2-3 discs. This injury caused a disc protrusion which connected to her lower back discs L5-L6. And this lead to more problems. She then learned the recovery from this would be slow and painful. For months she had to go in for osteopathic treatments on her musculoskeletal system. (Type of treatment used in the UK and Europe)

Hilal was in constant and excruciating pain. This pain made it impossible for her to work or do chores for more than a few minutes at a time.

She also couldn’t spend time with friends or enjoy life because “I felt like a 100-year-old woman. I had to plan every day how to spend the small amount of energy to do basic things like laundry.”
One could argue that this accident destroyed her dream of buying a coffee shop. Along with all the hopes, she had centered around it.

Or perhaps this event put Hilal on a road that she was destined to travel. The road her Soul had mapped out for her during this life. The accident created the space for the beginning of her life purpose.

Hilal’s life calling had started knocking on her door sixteen years prior. During an energy healing session, she was told she was a natural healer. So as time permitted, she started learning various healing techniques. These included Reiki and Reconnective Healing. Two weeks before the crash she became a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer.

The goal, once the coffee shop no longer demanded her full attention, was to start her Soul Healing Practice. Until then her life purpose of being a full-time professional healer would remain on hold.

Initially, her Soul Healing practice would consist of meditation classes and give healings. In the meantime, she would continue to share her natural talents with her family and friends. A practice she had done for the past ten years or so.

For now, she believed the things she loved doing most in this world would have to continue as a hobby. But that was okay because Hilal felt like she was finally moving in the right direction. The one that her life had been pulling her toward for years.

Apparently, the Universe was not okay with that. Her life purpose became tired of patiently knocking at her door. So it crashed through it in the form of the accident.

In regards to the coffee shop, Hilal said “It’s almost like the Universe was trying to stop me. It said Don’t Do It!” Don’t spend the time running the coffee shop. The Universe and her Soul wanted her to follow her destiny; to be a healer.

Now awful things can happen to all of us, but what matters is how we choose to deal with them. Hilal could have sat there feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she used this blessing of time, to heal herself physically and emotionally. She utilized the osteopathic treatments alongside her personal energy work and healing skills. She also focused on gratitude. By choosing higher vibrational states of mind, Hilal became open. Open to the lessons and opportunities the Universe had planned for her.

She shared with me that “This gave me another level of gratitude. How powerful we can be when we have the resources and energy, the ability to do what we want to do. And sometimes people don’t do what they want to do. They just sit down and think I don’t have this; I don’t have that. They turn the world upside down, and they become like hopeless cases on the planet. They can’t do anything, and all the world is going against them. But with everything we have, the basics are enough. People need to understand this gratitude.”

Hilal said “Coming from a multi-functional, practical, and fast-paced person, I was going to have to sit down. That I couldn’t do a lot without planning and thinking about it. Like my life was just finished. I was only going to be able to sit down and breathe. And then you see your life. All the things that you want to do and how exciting it could be. What your skills and abilities are and how you can serve and give to others, is there but you can’t do it! At that time, this unfortunate situation created so much anger and rage. I couldn’t do what I wanted!

Then I realize almost immediately, because of my connection to the Divine, I could turn my weekly training into a daily practice! Before I used to come home and spend an hour or an hour and a half or whatever I can to practice. But then after the accident, it was almost 8 to 10 hours a day! And when I realized that this was happening, I stopped being angry and found that I was in gratitude. And I knew that I was going to get better!”

Hilal understood that “to give proper healing to others, we have to heal ourselves first. Also healing others helps us recover in the instant minute”. She realized that going “through difficulties is also a good teacher. It helps us master our skills and abilities to serve others. And to bring our forgiveness, compassion and all of that.”

Also, Hilal understood that during “healing we have these things that come up from the past.” So many things came up for her, from the physical trauma, caused by the car accident. She found she had “so much inner stuff that was stuck to her, almost like pollution.” Without the crash, Hilal knew she would never have taken the time to look at these things.”

What she told me next had both of us near tears. She said “that car accident turned into a blessing and each moment I just sit here and say Thank-you! Thank- you! Thank- you God! Thank-you! Thank-you!”

Hilal shared that God, by whatever name, speaks to us through the events and energies that inspire us. That there is another language, another voice that we need to learn to hear. It is a voice that we hear in the space of silence.

She said: “One of my jobs is to bring this information about life to as many souls as is possible. That they need to understand that every situation in our life that we receive has guidance in it. The good, bad or whatever. It all has a reason and a purpose. Nothing happens without reason. And we need to release all the blockages in the mind level, soul level, and heart level.”

Hilal’s Spiritual father and teacher Master and Dr. Sha says: “Heal the soul first. Then the healing of the mind and body will follow.”

Hilal is now well on her way to a total recovery from the car accident. But more importantly, she has become a full-time healing practitioner.

Her life purpose is no longer on hold!

The Event: Car Accident

The Blessing: Time to become a full-time healer and receive personal healing. The injury and healing helped her become more relatable and compassionate.

The Lessons or Outcomes: We need to follow and trust our Divine guidance. Release all of our blockages. And to be grateful for all situations because there is a reason for everything that happens. A little formula for this is Trust + Acceptance = Surrender.