Once upon a time, there was… fill in the blanks.  

If you believe in past lives, you probably think that the crappy stuff is stalking you.  And that crappy stuff is messing with your current life.   

With that belief, it should follow that the good stuff comes along for the ride also.  But people always seem to focus on the bad.  

Regardless, the big question is still how do I heal the past that is affecting my present. The past could mean anything from last week to lifetimes ago.

Lately, I had been thinking about what in the past I needed to heal to experience healing in the present.  In this case, when I say the past, I mean past lifetime.  

Now, for the most part, I’m not even going to pretend that I have one bloody clue to what happened in my past lives.  

Most of the times we can’t prove what people tell us during a reading. Or what goes on in a past life regression experience.  That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in them.  Because I do thanks in part to one trippy experience. 

And I think past lifetime experiences affect us in our current lives. Just like events in this life can trigger us, so can events from past lives. And just when I think I have released all the energy from certain emotions or events, BAM!  They sneak back up on me.  

With that said, I know that I have released a lot of crap by doing energy work, but there is still more that needs healing.  I know this because I keep repeating behaviors that are triggered by certain things.  I kept thinking where did it all begin?  

So I asked God “How do I figure out the origin story that needs healing so I can get on with getting on?”

Here is the Sound Bite from God:

Heal the current moment. Start now.  In the present.  

Time is not linear in Universal Time. It is fluid. So when you heal the present moment, it will affect and heal the past.  Notice I said ‘moment.’  Just one single moment.  If you think past a moment or two, it can become overwhelming.    

 When you are focusing on peace and love in the present moment, you are also healing in that moment.  When you heal in the moment, the past starts healing also.  

You don’t always have to understand everything or be perfect.  Just try your best not to make things worse.  You will be surprised at the miracles that will happen.  And yes, I know it is not always easy.   

Xoxo, Etc… God


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