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Within this intimate and safe, small-group setting, Colin will work with you personally to help you dig deep into your story, discover the root cause of the pain you are experiencing and transform it through the application of the Radical Forgiveness.
During this incredibly rich experiential weekend, you’ll break through the veil of everyday reality and discover the spiritual reasons for all the difficult experiences in your life. Armed with that profound understanding you will feel confident that no matter what life throws at you in the future, you have the means of dealing with it, without ever feeling like a victim again.

Here’s what you will leave with after the workshop:
•The secrets of Radical Forgiveness and how to use it to stay free of stress
•How to apply Radical Forgiveness to a core issue or any given situation
•Release from the heavy emotional burden you’ve been carrying
•A bunch of simple, profound tools to use to empower your life
•The emergence of your free, authentic self
•A new level of peace, love and acceptance for what is.

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Miracles Workshop – Colin Tipping – Atlanta, GA