I was visiting with a friend and we were talking about how crazy the world seems.  I say ‘seems’ because there is a lot of good going on in the midst of the crazy.  We just don’t hear about it.

My friend was feeling really sad at the heartbreak and how many people seem ‘broken’.  This had me wondering how God sees us.  So for tonight I asked God “Do you see us as broken?”

Here is the Sound Bite I heard:

Everyone is broken in one way or another if you wish to use that term.  If you were perfect what would be the point of being born and living on Earth? That would be a big waste of time.  Granted in Universal Time there is no limit to time, but still what would be the point?

How you grow spiritually is what you do with the broken parts of yourselves.  How do you treat others that are experiencing the same type of broken? During and after you have healed that version of yourself?  Did you learn compassion?  Did you learn to love more deeply?  To be more kind?

Or do you let your broken part be an excuse to be an ass?

xoxo, ETC…God

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