In tonight’s meditation, I had the thought of chicken or egg vs. intuition or peace.  Which one came first?  So my question for tonight is: “Hey God – What comes first?  Peace or intuition?”

The Sound Bite from God that I heard was:

Who says they don’t sometimes come at the same time?  You are confusing your time with Universal Time.  

As an example: When you develop more peace, you can hear guiding words better.  But would you have started looking for peace without the intuition that it would be a good idea?  But of course, would you have been aware of that intuitive thought if you were not looking for peace?  But maybe….and on it goes.  

This game of words can become a riddle if you like.  Or a game of who’s on first.  But at the end of the day…or time, who cares which came first.  What matters is that you started placing your attention at realizing both.

It is marvelous when anyone starts searching for one or the other and then finds both.  Yes?

Xoxo, ETC… God

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