You know those times when something really bad happens to you, and in the midst of it you are thinking what the heck?!?! But then when you look back at it, you are able to see that those “bad” things were really blessing in disguise?  I call those F’d Up Blessings brought to you by the F’d Up Blessing Fairy.  He’s the fairy who got kicked out of school due to his blundering ways.  But every once in awhile he ventures down to earth in order to grant blessings that seem at the time to be totally messed up.  The good news is that God or our Greater Intelligence is able to step in and help us see, in hindsight, that from those really F’d Up times we experienced some of our greatest growth.  Or we learned lessons that would never have been learned without the event.  This is how F’d Up Blessings become Blessings in Disguise.
I’m collecting F’d Up Blessing stories and would love to hear yours!