There are some nights I can’t think of anything to ask God.  I think this is odd because there is SO MUCH to ask/talk about with God. But regardless, some nights I’m too busy banging my head against the inside of my own skull to stop and think.  On those nights when I start journaling, I typically ask God “What would you like me to learn tonight?”  And that is how I heard this Sound Bite from God:

So much time is spent looking for growth and expansion. A ton of money is expended to expand the external you.  Instead, try to spend some of your resources on learning your life lessons.  The ones that you chose for yourself before this lifetime.  Now sometimes you will have to spend your resources to achieve your life lessons.  But with that said, give careful consideration to your actions.  Are you doing XYZ so your big ego can feel better or for your soul’s advancement?  Does it have to do with the illusion that you need to be better than someone else?  Have more?  Be bigger?  Or are you doing XYZ because you are on your soul’s path?  That you are desirous to learn and create new things to help your higher self and others?


In this respect learn to be small.  Not small minded or small in spirit, but small in the ego self.  Be as a blip on the radar. That is what each lifetime in a physical body is at least.  Just a blip.  Don’t get me wrong.  Each blip is significant and full of purpose that adds up to the whole of your soul.  But please realize you are not these small lives trying to be bigger and better.  You are a HUGE soul trying to fit into a physical body so you can learn more about who you are in infinity. Bottom line:  Stop being big and prideful and become magnificent!  xoxo, ETC…God


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