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Making Your Mind Matter Online Course: Training your brain to create the life you want – Dr. Joe Dispenza

By | 2017-01-23T20:38:58+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Consciousness, Emotional Pain/ Emotional Triggers, Epigenetics, Law of Attraction / Manifesting and Universal Laws, Meditation, Negativity / Negative Habits, Neuroscience, Quantum Science / Medicine, Self-sabotage and Limiting Beliefs|Tags: , |

If you believe, even just the tiniest bit, that your thoughts create your reality, Dr. Dispenza’s online course, Making Your Mind Matter, will take you from believing to actually living your new reality. If you’re ready to create a new future, to go beyond your emotional addictions and negative emotional states of being to heal your [...]

Playing the Matrix Online Course: And Getting What You (Really) Want – Mike Dooley

By | 2017-01-23T20:32:40+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Law of Attraction / Manifesting and Universal Laws, Self-sabotage and Limiting Beliefs, Visualization|Tags: , |

Whatever you want, you can have when you learn Playing the Matrix with one of the best manifestors in the world, Mike Dooley!  This Exclusive 6-Week Online Video Course Includes: Learn the secret mechanics of manifestation and reality creation from the ground up – from thought to reality Learn how to leverage the Universe in getting [...]

Karma Releasing – Doreen Virtue

By | 2017-01-23T20:16:48+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Karma, Past Lives/ Future Lives/ Life Between Lives and Regressions, Self-sabotage and Limiting Beliefs|Tags: |

Decisions, actions, and beliefs from your past can have a powerful influence on your present life. On this audio program, Doreen Virtue discusses methods to release the effects of trauma from childhood and past lives, as well as spiritual ways to undo the effect of self-destructive behaviors such as cigarette smoking and drug usage. She reveals [...]

Meant To Be: Understanding the Dynamic of Fate and Free Will in Relationships – Carmen Harra

By | 2017-01-23T20:13:07+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Karma, Relationships - General, Soulmates|Tags: , |

From teaching us karmic lessons to shifting us out of our comfort zone, each one of our relationships serves a unique purpose. But why do some people come and go as quickly as the seasons while others remain for a lifetime? The unpredictability of relationships makes many of us wonder, “Why is this person in my [...]

Lucid Dreaming Online Course: 6 hours – Charlie Morley

By | 2017-01-23T20:02:50+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Dreams / Lucid Dreaming|Tags: |

This 7 weeks online video course is based on Charlie’s bestselling book Dreams of Awakening.  It includes: How to lucid dream The history and benefits of lucid dreaming How to practice Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep Cutting edge sleep and dream research Prophetic dreams, lucid living and what lies beyond the boundaries of lucidity! 60 exclusive [...]

Lucid Dreaming Online Course 1.5 Hours – Charlie Morley

By | 2017-01-23T19:57:32+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Dreams / Lucid Dreaming|Tags: , |

Becoming conscious in our dreams can absolutely transform our waking reality in ways you may not have thought possible. Lucid dreams have transformed aspects of so many people's lives – why not learn how to make the most of all that time you spend sleeping?  This exclusive online course includes: Six video lessons with Charlie Morley [...]

Sonia Choquette Review

By | 2017-01-23T18:15:00+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Reviews|

Her story: In Sonia's household of seven children, her mom and ALL her spirit guides were the ones in charge. Sonia’s mom was the one that knew that there was more to the world than our human eyes and ears can see and hear.  Her mom was the one that taught them to listen to their [...]

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Dr. Brian L. Weiss Review

By | 2017-01-23T18:16:41+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Reviews|

His Story: Dr. Brian Weiss started off like any other Yale-trained psychiatrist; with hopes and dreams that he would be able to help people. To be someone that made a difference.     Also, like most psychiatrists, he was skeptical about unexplained phenomena. Like past lives, healings, and in general anything that could be considered psychic phenomena. [...]

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Dr. Joe Dispenza Review

By | 2017-01-23T01:11:12+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Reviews|

His story: In 1986 Dr. Joe Dispenza, a chiropractor, was riding his bike during a triathlon.  During the race, a truck hit him, breaking six vertebrae, plus other spinal damage.  This active man had to hear the heartbreaking news that he would probably never walk again.  Repeatedly, at the hospital, he was told that he HAD [...]

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Caroline Myss Review

By | 2017-01-23T18:17:30+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Reviews|

Her story: Caroline Myss does not share much of her personal life.  Still here is what I think is interesting: She has always been aware of this talent/gift.  As a child Caroling remembers being able to sense when a person had a medical issue.  Young children say things unedited.  So can you imagine some of those [...]

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Blessings in Disguise

By | 2017-01-30T11:44:02+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Blessings in Disguise|

You know those times when something terrible happens to you, and in the midst of the event, you think what the heck?!?! But then when you look back at it, you can see that those "bad" things were really blessing in disguise?  I call those I call those F'd Up Blessings brought to you by the F'd [...]

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ACIM Free Online Lessons ( A Course in Miracles)

By | 2017-01-24T18:10:58+00:00 January 22nd, 2017|Categories: A Course in Miracles, Free Online New Age/Metaphysics Courses, Spiritual Practices and Teachings, Wisdom|Tags: |

For those students and visitors who find it electronically convenient and helpful to study and practice the Daily Lessons of A Course in Miracles, we're pleased to offer full Multimedia Lessons for you here on this site. Students can read each lesson online and/or listen to the lesson being read. Discover More: ACIM: ACIM Online Lessons [...]

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Did you learn to love or to be an ass?

By | 2017-03-08T23:33:56+00:00 November 17th, 2016|Categories: Incoming Sound Bites|

I was visiting with a friend and we were talking about how crazy the world seems.  I say ‘seems’ because there is a lot of good going on in the midst of the crazy.  We just don’t hear about it. My friend was feeling really sad at the heartbreak and how many people seem ‘broken’.  This [...]

What to do when you are all over the place

By | 2016-10-12T21:30:56+00:00 November 10th, 2016|Categories: Incoming Sound Bites|

Today was not a YAY Day!  I just felt weird and off-kilter inside.  Nothing seemed to jell.  I couldn't point to anything that was wrong.  But that didn't change how I was feeling; out of step with the world and all over the place. Regardless it was bloody annoying.  I had my list of stuff I wanted to get [...]

Becoming a Powerhouse for Creation

By | 2016-10-12T21:29:47+00:00 November 7th, 2016|Categories: Incoming Sound Bites|

Every so often I've wondered what makes some people stand out over others?  What gives them the spark that makes them unique?   Did I miss standing in that line when God was handing out talents and skills?  I know I queued up for the bossy line. And I know I was in the perfectionist line. [...]

Top Two Benefits of Co-Creating

By | 2017-01-09T16:17:52+00:00 November 3rd, 2016|Categories: Incoming Sound Bites|

Earlier tonight when I was doing some writing I stopped after realizing I had not asked Spirit to join me.   When I thought about it, I heard the reminder to "always create a connection with the intention to co-create."   I feel silly to admit this, but I rarely remember to do that unless I’m co-creating Sound Bites.  Forgetting [...]

Healing the Past in the Present

By | 2016-10-11T03:46:42+00:00 October 31st, 2016|Categories: Incoming Sound Bites|

Once upon a time, there was... fill in the blanks.   If you believe in past lives, you probably think that the crappy stuff is stalking you.  And that crappy stuff is messing with your current life.    With that belief, it should follow that the good stuff comes along for the ride also.  But people always seem to focus on the bad.   Regardless, the big question [...]

How Far Would You Go?

By | 2017-01-09T16:17:52+00:00 October 27th, 2016|Categories: Incoming Sound Bites|

Over the years I have noticed that I have a habit of repeating myself. If I had to make up a reason to why I have this annoying habit I would guess that it stems from me trying to make sure I was: Being heard Being understood In my mind, I can hear myself saying stuff over and over.  And all along [...]