On the day I did this meditation journaling I was feeling pretty sure of myself and a tad cocky. (Although I didn’t realize this until later.)  It seemed liked upon awakening I had stepped right into the river of flow.  Everything I did came natural and seemed easy.  I call days like this “YAY Days”!

The not YAY part happened when I carried this cocky attitude into my meditation and journaling.  That earned me a smack upside the head.

The purpose of the head smacking was to remind me that I needed to be more grateful and humble.

When it came time to visit with God I was in full blown masculine energy.  And it was with that attitude I asked or dare I say demanded: “Ok God – what do you have for me today?”

Here is the Sound Bite from God that I heard:

Why do I have to have something?  Does that not sound like you are behaving like a spoiled brat?  Like here I am!  Serve it up!  Let’s go God!

I say this with love, but you need to approach this with humility.  And respect.  Would you talk to the Dalai Lama that way?

Humans forget their manners because I’m not visible.  That behavior is not acceptable to me or others.  Everyone should consider that when using social media.  To use a human vernacular: Just saying!

xoxo, ETC…God


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