Every so often I’ve wondered what makes some people stand out over others?  What gives them the spark that makes them unique?  

Did I miss standing in that line when God was handing out talents and skills?  I know I queued up for the bossy line. And I know I was in the perfectionist line.  I also know that I didn’t get in the line that handed out the skill to sing.  My darling husband kindly reminds me of that whenever I start singing at him.

So what is the ‘it’ that people like the Dali Lama, Oprah and Bono has?  They are on the positive side of ‘it.’  Then there are the poisonous people that have ’it.’  They can stir up anger and hate in people and create followers.  People on this list include Hitler, Charles Manson and to a lesser degree perhaps Donald Trump and some TV Televangelists.

Since this was something I was pondering I decided to ask God about how to get some of this ‘it.’

Here is tonight’s Sound Bite from God:

Everyone has ‘it.’  It is everywhere we look. Externally and internally. Including within every tissue, organs, cells, etc…  Because of this one might think that everyone should stand out the same.  But that is not what is happening now.

The people you have listed amongst others have learned how to harness the energy that is all around them.  Some gather the energy in from nature and the air they breathe.  Some suck the energy from other people and events that contain the angry energy they feed on. 

 Many people don’t realize what they are doing.   Even though this is an innate ability that everyone has.  Just like breathing.  It is just that most people have never developed this skill.

 People who practice this skill and add imagination (good or evil) become powerhouses of creation.  

 For example, we have the Dalai Lama on one end of the spectrum.  He understands this skill and uses it for good.  On the other end of the scale, we have Hitler.  Energy does not discriminate between good and evil.

Now to answer your question:

To start with you already have ‘it.’  There is nothing less spectacular about you than anyone else.

If you want to polish what you call ‘it’ just keep meditating.  It does make a difference.  Even doing it for eight minutes a day.  Just make the meditation intentional.  Meditate at the same time and location every day.  Meditate with the purpose of creating a connection with me.

This time of meditation is not the time to start asking for stuff.  Or picturing yourself having it.  It is a time to try to quiet your mind and be open to talking to me.  And learning to listen to my voice.  

The world needs more conscious people learning to put this skill to use.  

Xoxo, Etc… God

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